The Brand

A feminine name, unique, inspired by the idea of a woman with a chic, casual, free, passionate and lively style ...

Inspired by travel and wild beaches of South America, Këoana expresses its originality in trendy swimsuits with colorful colors and prints and design techniques from incomparable French konw-how.

The French brand created in 2017, combines his love for the ocean and his inspirations through various trips to rich and varied cultures.

The high-end collections with exotic and refined models, offer swimsuits with tailored cuts, feminine and atypical, designed for every woman with the desire of adventure and distant horizons.

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Anaïs - Këoana - Tahiti

About us

A traveling family ... Roots here and elsewhere.

Native of Guyana. I was born and raised there. French Guyana has brought me principles, education and values ​​that will never leave me. It’s a land of wealth, with mixed roots and varied cultures.


Because of its wild and untouched nature, there is an extraordinary atmosphere full of strength. It is my source of inspiration, the one that gorges me with creativity. Surrounded by the Amazon, rivers an ocean, my childhood was free, wild and full of adventure ...

Today, the adventure continues in another form ...But just as beautiful.

It's in swimsuits that I chose to exteriorize all my creativity and my imagination. I am a girl from the ocean, swimsuits and beachs rocked my childhood.

The idea was born eight years ago by linking all these points: my ease of drawing, my imagination which constantly overflows with new ideas, my job in sales, my love for aquatic environments and an inexplicable desire to to fly  my own ... It was obvious!

I decided to start my own brand. KËOANA officially created in 2017, will release its very first collection for the summer of 2018, with a distinct universe, which links travel and fashion, A brand that promises great adventures!



Specialized in the Brazilian and reversible swimsuit, the collections imagined and created with style, are established to offer you a wide choice of colored fabrics, plain and printed while remaining on a pure but original spirit.

Each KËOANA collection keeps its own personality. Our models have atypical cuts, and are conscientiously thought out. KÉOANA swimsuits are of a good quality, the fabrics have a sheathing tendency and are pleasant to the touch, so as to sublimate your curves while maintaining an excellent comfort. The raw material coming from Barcelona is chosen with care.

I work with a passionate and experienced model maker, located near Hossegor, to promise you bathing suits aesthetically cut and the requirements of a French expertise incomparable.

Each KËOANA swimsuit is accompanied by its cotton pouch so you can take it wherever you go! Make your swimsuits travel, they are made for that!


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