Our Eco-Friendly materials

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-80% CO2 emissions

-90% water consumption

Our 100% recycled polyamide "CORAL" knitted fabric, made with recycled yarn (Q-NOVA Nylon 6.6) is produced from residues from the main production cycle of our supplier's company. a mechanically regenerative system allows them to dispense with the use of chemical materials.

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-75% CO2 emissions


Recycled polyester is simply polyester produced from recycled sources: PET bottles, polyester from industrial waste and even clothing. Our printing process for polyester is environmentally friendly as in addition to being a dry print (without using water), the dyes we use are environmentally friendly and certified.

All of our recycled fabrics are woven and printed nearby, helping to reduce pollution and global warming factors. In addition, our collections are produced every 3 years in order to limit our carbon footprint linked to the transport of our collections.